SWB short:

The Solar Weather Browser (SWB) provides an easy overview access to a wide variety of Space Weather data, summarizing the current and past conditions on the Sun.

The SWB includes:

  • Near real-time images from SOHO/EIT and MDI, ground based observations like Ha, white light and magnetograms
  • Overlays with additional information such as NOAA and Catania active region numbers, sunspot groups
  • Interpretations of the data through a help function which refers to a glossary
  • Links to external data

More about SWB:

The SWB gives a graphical interface summarizing current and past conditions on the Sun and the heliosphere. It offers the possibility of combining a series of images and data in overlays. The tool is of great use during space weather forecasting as a graphical representation. Besides this, the SWB acts as an extended archive.
How to get it:
You can download the software on the SWB-download-page.