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Feb 23, 2006
The static Sun
Dec 20, 2005
New: the Estimated ISN
Dec 6, 2005
Birthday of SOHO
Nov 8, 2005
On the road to solar minimum
Oct 28, 2005
Drop in X-radiation
Oct 3, 2005
Partial Solar Eclipse, Oct 3
Sept 23, 2005
Open Doors Sept 17-18
Sept 3, 2005
X17 fast alert!
June 2, 2005
June 1: calculation of Ri
1 juni: berekening van Ri 1er juin: calcul de Ri zip-file
May 12, 2005
M-flares at last
Uiteindelijk dan toch M-zonnevlammen zip-file
Apr 29, 2005
The season of filament eruptions
Het seizoen van de protuberans uitbarstingen zip-file
Apr 11, 2005
The big filament is there after all!
De grote protuberans is toch nog aanwezig! Le grand filament est là! zip-file
Apr 11, 2005
The big filament is not visible anymore!
De verdwijning van de grote protuberans! Le grand filament n'est plus visible! zip-file
Mar 15, 2005
The two spotted Sun
Twee vlekken op de Zon zip-file
Mar 4, 2005
Quiet frontside-active backside
Rustige voorkant-active achterkant
Feb 22, 2005
A 'mega-cool' filament
Een mega-coole protuberans
Jan 26, 2005
The turbulent life of 05/720
Het turbulente leven van 05/720 zip-file
Jan 14, 2005
Global decreasing tendency but local increase
Een globaal dalende trend versus een locale stijging zip-file
Dec 23, 2004
Louise Gérard: 25 years fidelity to the Sun
Louise Gérard: 25 jaar van trouw aan de Zon Louise Gérard: 25 ans de fidélité au Soleil
Dec 7, 2004
First European Space Weather Week
Eerste Europese ruimteweer week
Nov 16, 2004
Big heat, big freeze
Een afgekoelde Zon
Nov 9, 2004
A salvo of shots hitting earth
Een salvo van schoten richting Aarde
Oct 29, 2004
A reborn Sun
Een herboren Zon
Oct 19, 2004
In Memoriam: Pierre Cugnon, 1940-2004 ( Fr, Ned, Eng)
Oct 7, 2004
SPIRIT in times of emergency
SPIRIT helpt ons uit de nood
Sept 23, 2004
A glancing blow
Een CME raast rakelings langs de aarde
Sept 14, 2004
A full halo CME arrived on earth
Een halo CME botst op aarde Un CME halo complet est arrivé au niveau de la terre zip-file
Sept 3, 2004
Is 90/0656 almost dead?
Is 90/0656 uitgedoofd?
June 14, 2004
The scattering of stations
De verspreiding van meetstations La distributions des stations zip-file
June 3, 2004
Venus in View
June 1, 2004
June 8: watch the Venus transit live
8 juni: maak de Venus transit live mee 8 juin: suivez le passage de Venus en direct
May 17, 2004
The Pleiades viewed by LASCO
De Pleiaden in het vizier van LASCO Les Pléiades vues par LASCO zip-file
May 11, 2004
The link between a CACTus and a CME
De link tussen een CACTus en een CME Le lien entre un CACTus et une CME zip-file
May 6, 2004
The birth of number 18
De geboorte van nummer 18 La naissance de numéro 18 zip-file
April 29, 2004
Newsflash: SOHO can see again!
Newsflash: SOHO kan weer zien! Newsflash: SOHO est guéri zip-file
April 23, 2004
SOHO has become blind
SOHO is blind geworden SOHO est devenu aveugle zip-file
April 2, 2004
Sunspot group 93: a sleeping giant
Zonnevlekgroep 93: een slapende reus Le groupe de taches n° 93: un géant endormi zip-file
March 18, 2004
A recursive coronal hole
March 8, 2004
Shutterless Run of EIT
March 1, 2004
Return of the flaring Sun!
February 16, 2004
The quiet Sun
February 12, 2004
The Sun is preparing herself for Valentine
January 29, 2004
The day the Sun had no spots
January 21, 2004
Spectacular prominence eruptions
January 6, 2004
Did the Sun lose track?
December 20, 2003
SIDC visualisation
December 15, 2003
Services for GPS users
December 8, 2003
In the ban of THE hole
November 20, 2003
Aurora's painting the sky
November 14, 2003
CMEs hitting Earth
November 12, 2003
Return of the monster sunspot groups
October 30, 2003
Third Very large X-ray burst in less than one week!!!
October 29, 2003
Very large X-ray (X17.2) burst from sunspot group 70 (0486)
October 23, 2003
Two X-bursts from sunspot group 70
October 20, 2003
X-flare Activity
July 23, 2002
A major (X4.8) flare & A prominence eruption played in two acts
July 16, 2002
A beautiful and puzzling full halo CME
April 21, 2002
A violent though beautiful flare was seen at the western limb of the Sun.
Nov 6, 2001
The CME that left the Sun on Nov 4 triggered a severe geomagnetic storm.
July 23, 2001
Although solar activity is rather low, beautiful Coronal Mass Ejections can still be seen.
May 7, 2001
The Sun stages a CME show. Watch the Sun blast off a streamer plasma cloud .
April 27, 2001
The SIDC participates in the Sun-Earth connection day and celebrates the fifth anniversary of SOHO.
March 2001
NOAA active region 9393, the largest sunspot group of the current cycle.
October 2000
Did we pass the solar maximum yet? Different prediction methods disagree.
September 22, 2000
Active region 9169 the largest sunspot in 9 years.
September 10, 2000
Tantalizing EIT picture from SOHO
September 1, 2000
The ACE satellite detected a steady increase, over a period of roughly one day on the 28th of August, of the solar wind speed from 400 to 600 km/s.
August, 2000
High resolution image from the Swedish Solar Telescope.
August, 2000
Interplanetary shock wave from the Sun struck Earth's magnetosphere on August 12, 2000.
July, 2000
Erupting filament imaged by the TRACE satellite.
April 12, 2000
Aurora Borealis over Belgium April 6-7 2000.