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Solar X ray flux remained below B level throughout the period.
The Solar disk is spotless and X-ray flux is expected to remain at or below
background levels.

The filament eruption from the Southern hemisphere that was mentioned in
yesterdays bulletin has been investigated further.
While the STEREO/COR2 coronagraph data indicate a corresponding narrow CME
that may be Earth directed its corresponding projected speed is below 300
km/s. SoHO/LASCO data do not show any clear signs of any (partial) halo CME
but only some weak signatures of Eastward propagating material. It is hence
assessed that the ejecta are possibly off the Sun-Earth line towards the
East. Even if the ejecta would be towards the Earth, with such a slow speed
it is unlikely to have any significant impact. Hence no specific arrival
forecast is made.  
There were otherwise no Earth-directed CMEs observed in coronagraph data.

Proton levels were at background values and are expected to remain so.

Solar wind conditions were near nominal. Around 5:00UT Solar wind speed
increased fairly suddenly from around 300 km/s to around 360 km/s along
with total magnetic field going up from around 3nT to around 7nT. At that
time the magnetic field phi angle started fluctuating between the positive
and negative sector and Bz became pronounced negative. 
Solar wind conditions are expected to remain near nominal over the next 48
hours then followed towards the end of day 3 with the onset of a high speed
stream related to the negative polarity equatorial coronal hole that passed
the central meridian yesterday.

Geomagnetic conditions were quiet to unsettled (NOAA Kp 1-3 and local K
Dourbes 0-3).
Quiet to unsettled geomagnetic conditions are expected to continue the next
48 hours with later, towards the end of day 3, unsettled to active
conditions expected under the high speed stream influence.

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