Welcome to the Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC), which is the solar physics research department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium. The SIDC includes the World Data Center for the sunspot index and the ISES Regional Warning Center Brussels for space weather forecasting.
Aug 18, 2015: The Sunspot Number, the "longest ongoing scientific experiment" revisited


Solar activity has been low in past 24 h, only one C-class flare occurred:
C1.7 peaking at 11:37 UT from NOAA AR 2407, that rotated behind the west
limb already. More C-class flares are possible.
Solar wind speeds have been increasing steadily in past 24 h (from 350 to
450 km/s), marking the expected arrival of the fast speed stream from a
coronal hole. A sector boundary crossing was detected also at 15:10 UT on
September 2. The interplanetary magnetic field intensity is at 7 nT, only
unsettled geomagnetic conditions have been recorded. Active to minor storm
periods are possible in the coming 24 h considering the increase in solar
wind speed continues.

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2015 Aug 27 0934 UTC
While solar wind speeds are at or around background levels (360-390 km/s), [more]

2015 Aug 24 0806 UTC
A class M5.6 solar X-ray flare occurred on 2015/08/24 with peak time 07:33UT [more]

2015 Aug 13 1049 UTC
A halo or partial-halo CME was detected with the following characteristics: [more]

2015 Jun 02 0746 UTC
END OF ALL QUIET ALERT ...................... The SIDC [more]

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Aug 18, 2015: The Sunspot Number, the "longest ongoing scientific experiment" revisited

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