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Solar activity was low over the past 24 hours. NOAA AR 2822 (Catania
sunspot group 93) has a Beta-gamma magnetic configuration and produced two
C-class flares over the past 24 hours. The largest of those was a C4 flare
that peaked at 13:58 UT 9 May. NOAA AR 2816 (Catania sunspot group 94) has
appear on the disk during the last 24 hours, but its magnetic configuration
cannot yet be assessed. Solar activity is expect to be at a low level over
the next 24 hours, with one or more C-class flares likely and a low
probability of an M-class flare.

An Earth-bound CME was detected in SoHO/LASCO C2 and STEREO-A/COR2
coronagraph images at around 16:00 UTC. The estimated speed is 550 km/s and
it is expected to arrive late on 12 May. 

The greater than 10 MeV proton flux was at nominal levels over the past 24
hours and is expected to remain so for the next 24 hours. The greater than
2 MeV electron flux remained below the 1000 pfu alert threshold and is
expected to remain below this level during the next 24 hours. The 24-hour
electron fluence was at nominal levels and is expected to remain so.

The Earth is under the influence of the slow solar wind. The solar wind
speed ranged between 320 and 380 km/s over the past 24 hours. The Bz
component of the magnetic field fluctuated between -5 and +10 nT. The
interplanetary magnetic field angle was negative (directed toward the Sun)
until aproximately 00:00 UT May 10 and then changed to predominantly
positive. The solar wind conditions are expected to continue to reflect the
slow solar wind regime for the next 24 hours. Slight enhancements in the
solar wind speed remain possible due to the influence of a series of small
negative polarity holes.

Geomagnetic conditions were quiet (NOAA Kp and local K Dourbes 1-2) over
the past 24 hours. Geomagnetic conditions are expected to continue to be
quiet for the next 24 hours.

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