The SIDC is part of the Royal Observatory of Belgium and a partner in the Solar Terrestrial Center of Excellence (STCE).


Solar activity remained at very low levels in the last 24 hours. The new
active region NOAA AR2834 has now rotated behind the west limb. Active
region NOAA AR2833 (Catania sunspot group 7) has remained stable and is now
characterised as type beta. The flaring activity is expected to remain at
very low levels for the next 24 hours with a minor chance for a C-class

No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were detected in the
available coronagraph imagery.

The greater than 10 MeV proton flux was at nominal levels in the past 24
hours and is expected to remain so in the next 24 hours. The greater than
2MeV electron flux was above the 1000 pfu threshold over the entire period
and is expected to remain elevated over the next 24 hours. The 24h electron
fluence was at moderate levels and is expected to be at moderate to nominal
levels for the next 24 hours. 

Over the past 24h the solar wind data (ACE and DSCOVR) continued to slowly
return to background slow solar wind conditions. The solar wind speed
ranged between to 412 km/s and 515 km/s. The total magnetic field remained
undisturbed with a maximum value of 4.1 nT with a very weak Bz down to -2.3
nT. The orientation of the interplanetary magnetic field remained in the
negative sector.

The geomagnetic conditions over the past 24 hours were globally quiet.
Quiet geomagnetic conditions are expected for the next 24 hours. Isolated
unsettled periods remain possible. A patchy extension of the northern solar
positive polarity coronal hole and a very small positive polarity coronal
hole in the southern hemisphere have crossed the central meridian over the
past 24 hours and might become geo-effective, possibly leading to unsettled
geomagnetic conditions during the night of June 23rd.

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